Travelling with my books. Italian cultural language course.

Choose a book among our selection/proposals or an author of your interest.

Communicative lessons with engaging and entertaining grammatical deepening.

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    Italian cultural language course “Passo a sud” – Travelling with my books.

    Italian cultural language courses are (cultural routes) on cinema, literature, cuisine/cooking and on request also music/opera, Italian current affairs and folklore are available.

    As well as helping you to learn Italian, these specialist courses provide an insight into some of the most distinctive aspects of Italian culture.

    Traveling with (my) books.

    Discover the proposals of the month on the Online Courses page “The PassoaSud shelf”, for information contact me:

    On request, authors of your interest.

    Online courses offered have the following cost:

    10 hours

    • 1 student

    Italian language courses+ cultural course to attend face-to-face/on site in Cisternino (Italy) + accommodation. Course fees are the following:

    15 hours

    €UR 870 each
    • 1-2 students
    • 3 h of cultural lessons per day
    • 6 nights & breakfast
    • 1 week
    • 2 hours of extra activities

    15 hours

    €UR 750 each
    • group 3-5 students
    • 3 h of cultural lessons per day
    • 6 nights & breakfast
    • 1 week
    • 2 hours of extra activities

    Otherwise, you can choose your cultural course between:

    CIACK … Italy on stage

    to outline a film fresco that best tells and describes Italy and the italians.

    Cinema at Trullos

    to share the excitement of the open-air cinema, among olive trees, Mediterranean fragrances and the magical “presence” of our Trullos. Accomplices of the evening … Cisternino’s bright stars!

    Certi posti hanno la capacità di trattenere le emozioni, proprio come fa un essere umano con il respiro. Poi le lasciano andare molto lentamente, e chi è in grado di percepirle le assorbe in ogni cellula del suo corpo. Ti fanno sentire a casa per sempre

    Ferzan Ozpetek


    • Required level: B1, B2, C1, C2.

      • 1 week Italian language course + cultural course
        • Face-to-face/on site: 3 hours per day from Monday to Friday.
        • Online: 1/2 hour/s per day.

    Courses are held:

    • Online courses are held all year round,
    • Courses in Cisternino, in Apulia (Italy)- from May to October,
    • Courses are not held during national Italian Holidays.

    How to enrol:

    • Fill out the enrolment form online on the top page and send it by email.
    • Passo a sud will send you an email back confirming your place in a course or your accommodation.
    • You will then be asked to pay 200€ in advance by bank transfer in Euro.