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Practice your auditory listening skills, conversation abilities, and reading comprehension.

Learn and have Fun with Cinzia.

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    Online italian courses “Passo a sud”.

    Practice your auditory listening skills, conversation abilities, and reading comprehension. Listen and follow along with Italian audio, whose transcripts will be listed on our Blog. You can also download and listen to on and go, it allows you to review the materials covered in each lesson, to consolidate the language better.

    If you want to add to the online lesson a home study to progress faster, Cinzia will send you learning materials such as exercises and insights.
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    ADVICE FOR LISTENING such as – audio-books, songs, music.
    ADVICE FOR READINGS – magazines, books.
    ADVICE FOR WATCHING – movies, documentaries, videos.

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    For curious minds and food, art, culture lovers to Italy, subscribe to this online course and you’ll bring that “Italy feeling” into your everyday life!

    If you are a beginner, Cinzia will prepare you to deal with situations you may experience during your trip to Italy without worries.

    For you all, your next Italian experience, you’ll be able to engage pleasantly with local people speaking Italian, and to enjoy visiting our magic Itria Valley.

    To consolidate the language fully and to have Fun!

    After your OnlineItalianCourse, from May to October, an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in our Apulian Culture&Cuisine combining formal study of Italian language with local activities among olive trees, Mediterranean fragrance and the magical “presence” of our Trulli in Cisternino.
    Special prices for our OnlineStudent.

    From May to October.
    Personalized Courses. All levels (A1-C2).
    One to one
    In Pairs (same level)

    Small group (min.3 Max.5)
    Weeks available to sign-up:

    June (from 12 to 16 or from 19 to 23);
    July (from 3 to 7 or from 10 to 14);
    September (from 4 to 8 or from 18 to 22).
    Here the Course-Program:
    • 1 week 15/h in the morning
    • Accommodation in our Trulli (6 nights/breakfasts)
    • 3 hours lessons per day from Monday to Friday.
    • 2 afternoon trips to Locorotondo or Cisternino (Itria’s Valley)
    • One 2 hour afternoon cooking lesson with final dinner.
    • 2 free afternoons are planned.
    • Arrival on Sunday and departure by 11:00 A.M on Saturday.

    For our OnlineStudent – Special Prices:
    Educational material is included in the price.

    1 week (accommodation/breackfasts+course):
    One to One 790€ (1 student),
    in Pairs (2 students) 730€ (each),
    Small Group (3-5 max. Partecipants) 650€ (each).

    Please, if interested in the group course, contact me to check the availability of the week chosen:

    COURSE “PASSO A DUE” – Italian language&Conversation, Folklore&Curiosities.

    This course allows you to achieve practical and communicative goals, to learn in a natural way. Cinzia, is a professional and fully qualified teacher, skilled in encouraging and making easier for students to learn a second language.
    Tips on grammar and culture. Personalized Course.
    One-to-One all levels (A1-C2).
    In Pairs (2 students same level)
    10 h / 280€ 1 student.
    10 h / 220€ each small group (2-4 max.)

    COURSE “ITALY ON MY MIND”, Language&Music, Storytelling&places of Italy.

    This course is addressed with affection, to those who want to stay in touch with Italy while abroad or want to discover more about their italian ancestors and better connect with italian language and culture,
    Tips on Italian Music&Opera with focus on the Language and Storytelling to listen to on Italy of Wonders.

    10 h / 280€ 1 student.
    10 h / 220€ each small group (2-4 max.)

    COURSE “FLAVOURS OF ITALY”. Language&Conversation, Stories&Recipes.

    In Italy eating well is a genuine Pleasure to share with others, even strangers. Whenever we are around a table, with good food and fine wine, smiles open, the words flow and magically Guests become Travel Companions, in italian “Compagni” is a word that contains the almost sacred meaning of Italian Conviviality, from the Latin “cum Panis”=with whom I break the bread.
    With this in mind, Cinzia welcomes you at her table, and offers you a culinary “journey” to the roots of traditional italian cooking, while learning the secrets of its typical, healthy and tasty dishes. You’ll be taken through step-by-step on how to prepare dishes, with italian vocabularies and phrases related to cooking.
    Audio tracks with the reading of stories and recipes.

    Enroll to this course also…
    To rediscover, protect and spread the Culture of Food, always reminding ourselves that we are Guests of this Planet.

    10 h / 280€ 1 student.
    10 h / 220€ each small group (2-4 max.)

    Nessuno può essere libero se costretto ad essere simile agli altri

    Oscar Wilde


    • No level required.

    Courses are held:

    • Online courses are held all year round.
    • Courses in Cisternino, in Apulia (Italy) – from June to October.
    • Courses are not held during national Italian and Swiss Holidays.

    How to enrol:

    • Fill out the enrolment form online on the top page and send it by email.
    • Passo a sud will send you an email back confirming your place in a course or your accommodation.